Welcome to the University of Cologne!

Docfile is the online tool for the administration of your doctorate in the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Human Science
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Science

Doctoral candidates at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities must register with a.r.t.e.s. access.

Docfile was developed in close cooperation with the faculties in order to administrate your doctorate digitally from the application for admission as a doctoral candidate to the printing of the doctoral certificate.

The use of Docfile enables the following features for doctoral candidates:

  • Update personal and contact data online
  • Providing application forms for all matters concerning your doctorate
  • Automated preparation of printable forms
  • Simplified communication with the doctoral office and graduate institutions
  • Automatic notifications for administrative process steps

For a following enrolment for doctoral studies, please contact the Student Application and Registration Office after acceptance as a doctoral candidate by your faculty.

Please click here, to register as doctoral candidate!